5 Components of a Perfect Manicure

Friday, February 16, 2018 - 14:00

Your hands can really take a beating during the course of your everyday life, whether you have a very physical job, type a lot, or spend a lot of time in a dry environment. It’s a good idea to give them a little TLC every now and again in the form of a professional manicure.

While getting your nails done is a fun experience, there’s so much more that goes into a manicure than just swiping on some polish! Here are the 5 things that make up the perfect manicure for you and your hands.


1. Paraffin Wax

If you’ve never tried a paraffin wax hand treatment, you’re missing out. During this process, your hand is enveloped in a warm wax that coats your hands and feels oh-so-relaxing. The paraffin wax doesn’t just feel good, though: it opens your pores, moisturizes, and increases circulation in your hands, rejuvenating them and making them look years younger. The heat can also alleviate joint pain and soothe sore muscles.


2. Moisturize

After your pores have been opened, it’s important to use a quality moisturizer to seal in all the good that the paraffin wax does for your hands. Any thorough manicure will include some hand lotion to nourish and replenish your skin, which can get dried out from heat, harsh soaps, wearing latex gloves, or just the everyday processes that you use your hands for.

The hands are one of the first places on the body to show signs of aging, so it’s a good idea to seal in as much moisturizer as possible!


3. Hand Massage

Your hands get a lot of use during the week and you’re probably storing more tension than you realize in your muscles. Usually, your manicurist will do this while applying the moisturizer, but you should expect that your perfect manicure will consist of a hand massage to relieve tense areas and relax your hands.


4. Cuticle Care

Your cuticles need love, too! Dry cuticles can become brittle and crack or peel over time. Your manicurist might trim away any hangnails and push down excess cuticle before using an oil or other moisturizer to deliver nutrients to your dried-out cuticles.

A hangnail is a piece of skin, usually a cuticle, that becomes jagged and detached from the nail. They can be painful and should be removed as soon as possible. The cuticle care process makes your nail beds look longer and more elegant overall while reducing your risk of infection.


5. Quality Polish

Believe it or not, there’s a big difference between cheap drugstore polish and what you’ll find at the salon. Manicurists work with nail polish every day, so they know what produces the best results. Whether you’re looking for a sheer glow or a bold pop of color, they’ll be able to set you up with a quality nail polish that doesn’t chip easily and will last a long time.


Your hands work hard for you, so they deserve a little extra love in return. Whenever you’re ready to visit the spa, Cloud 9 is here to help! Give us a call at (352) 335-9920 to book a manicure appointment today.