Cloud 9 is renowned for our massage therapy; our most requested service!

Massage reduces toxins, anxiety, pain, tension, stress, and improves circulation, sleep, clarity, and focus. We welcome you to customize your massage from our vast assortment of 100% pure Aromatherapy oils such as lavender, rosemary, peppermint, eucalyptus, sweet orange, lemongrass and select seasonal extra charge!

Signature Relaxation

This full-body Swedish-style massage features long soothing strokes in a light to medium pressure.

$110 (80 minutes)   $80 (50 minutes) 

Deep Tissue

A favorite for pain relief/sore muscles, this full body massage features deep pressure and trigger point work.

$110 (80 minutes)   $80 (50 minutes) 

Sports Massage

Prepare or repair your body for optimal performance. Sports massage is an integral part of any athletic regimen. Customize to target the areas you need. For athletes of any type or level.  

$80 (50 minutes) 

Relaxation Journey

True decadence, our longest massage is nearly 2 hours of full body, soothing relaxation massage devoted entirely to you, including special focus on tension relief of your neck, face, head, scalp, and feet. Return from this journey completely renewed.

$150 (110 minutes)


Provides expectant mommies comfort, support, tension relief and relaxation during this light to medium pressure massage.

$110 (80 minutes)  $80 (50 minutes) 

* To ensure your health and safety, it is necessary to discuss and obtain permission from your OB prior to receiving any spa treatments during pregnancy.

Tension Trio

Custom-design this light to medium pressure massage by choosing THREE areas in need of specialized attention. Endless possibilities!

$50 (25 minutes) 

Stress Buster Massage

This massage has you remain fully clothed, and can take place in a chair or on a table while our therapists work their magic to loosen the knots, tension and tight muscles of your neck, shoulders, and back.

$50 (25 minutes) 

Deep Trio

Deep and pressure-point massage devoted to your choice of THREE areas in need of specialized attention. Simply create your combination!

$50 (25 minutes)

Sole Soother

Soothe and relax your aching calves, ankles and feet. Takes place in a reclining zero-gravity chair; includes scrub, steam towels, paraffin wraps and massage.

$50 (25 minutes)