Eyelash Extensions

Special occasion?  Need a fresh new look?

Eyelash Extensions

Step out of the shower, pool, ocean or bed with gorgeous eyes, every day and kiss your eyelash curler, mascara, and under-eye smudges good-bye!

Cloud 9 Spa Salon is the expert in lash extensions. We actually introduced Eyelash Extensions to Gainesville in 2006 with the world's leading lash product, NovaLash. Since then, eyelash extensions have become a top service at salons everywhere! But at Cloud 9, the health and safety of your eyes is a top priority to us; therefore each of our Lash Specialists are not only Certified Extensionists, they are also Licensed Estheticians in the state of Florida. 

Our Eyelash Extension service consists of individual or cluster synthetic lashes expertly adhered to your own natural lashes with NovaLash's highest quality, formaldehyde-free, ophthalmologist-approved eyelash adhesive. Replenish & refill them as needed (approximately every 3 weeks) or simply allow them to shed with the random fashion of your natural lashes.

If you are a regular lash guest but it has been 5 weeks or longer, you are advised to schedule a Full Initial Set.

*For ALL Lash services it is important to arrive with clean, makeup-free eyes; otherwise some of your appointment time must be used for thorough lash cleansing.

Full Initial Set                         |   $190 (allow up to 115 min) 

Maintenance Refill  Level 1   |    $75 (55 min) 

Maintenance Refill  Level 2   |   $110 (85 min)  

Lash QuickFix                        |     $40 (25 min)