What's in YOUR Pedicure?

It’s pedicure season and everyone is rushing to their local nail salon to get sloughed, buffed and painted! It seems like there’s a nail salon on every corner these days. With a wide range of price options to choose from everyone is looking for a bargain, but remember the old adage “You get what you pay for”? It definitely applies here!

Have you ever considered the potential health risks at your favorite corner salon? Most pedicure-related infections can be linked to contaminated footbaths (that nice bowl of warm, swirling water you put your feet into). If not thoroughly & properly cleaned & disinfected after each guest, the tubs, bowls, pipes or jets can easily collect hair, dead skin, and nail clippings which invite bacteria to grow inside the warm wet environment... bacteria that can and end up in your pedicure water and on YOU! Yuck! One tiny shaving nick, cut, scratch or bug bite on your skin can put you at risk for a nasty infection, or worse.

Unfortunately, even when cleaned properly, there are unreachable places, like pipes & jets, for bacteria to hide. For this reason, savvy salons have been making the switch to ‘waterless’ or ‘tub-free’ pedicures. Several fresh warm steamed towels are used in place of the potentially dangerous foot baths to soften and soothe the skin, as well as to ensure ultimate piece of mind for both the customer and the Nail Technician. Unclean tools are another source of danger in the salon. They can transmit viruses from client to client and spread infection.

Does your Nail Technicians wear gloves during your pedicure? If you’ve ever noticed you Nail Technician’s tools, they resemble dental or surgical instruments! Those tools are for pushing, filing, nipping & clipping away at live tissue so they should be immaculate…but are they? So how do you avoid these potential pedi problems? Talk to your Nail Specialist, ask her about their sanitation procedures because you have a right to know!  Ask what they clean, how they clean it, what they clean it with and how often. Everything your specialist uses should be cleaned and disinfected or thrown away. And alcohol & bleach won’t cut it, this calls for hospital grade disinfectants!

Don’t shop by price alone, do your research or you could get far more than you bargained for! For more information on this topic, check out this video by ABC 20/20: http://abcnews.go.com/2020/video/nail-salon-health-hazards-revealed-22828794