Make Massage a Priority!

People often equate massage and spa with relaxation.  While we do agree that we have deliciously relaxing massage services, we offer relaxation through pain relief as well. Acute and chronic pain can be relieved and often banished and prevented with regular use of massage.  Did you know that Cloud 9’s therapists have over 80 combined years of experience performing many different types of therapeutic massage? Additionally, all of our therapists are Nationally Certified, and they participate in advanced hands-on training regularly throughout the year.  (Our therapists didn’t just stop learning in school, at Cloud 9 Spa Salon it is a job requirement to keep learning.)  They bring to the “table” specialties such as migraine relief, therapeutic stretching, TMJ pain management, sports and athletic massage and many other types of soft tissue care.  Prioritize pain relief, pain management, and prevention.  Don’t wait until pain needs to be managed…do preventative maintenance; preventing problems BEFORE they arise.  Your body should run like a finely tuned machine.  We can help!