Bee't the Pollen with a Trip to the Spa!

With a yellow-green dust dulling the shine on our cars and a symphony of sniffles and sneezes… Tis the season for allergy misery! We can’t do anything about those dreaded dustings by the trees and plants; but, we CAN get you relief from the side effects.  Our Intensive Therapy Sinus-Relief Facial is just what the doctor ordered!  This facial focuses on special sinus pressure-point massage to help clear congested sinuses.  Warm towels soothe facial aches and pains, while special blends of aromatherapy oils and a gentle steam clear breathing passages. 

The Sinus Relief facial includes all of the great sinus relief elements and also includes a gentle cleansing, exfoliation, hand and arm skin treat and a myriad of other rejuvenating facial elements.  You’ll leave breathing a little easier and your skin’s appearance and texture will be improved, too. Schedule yours today and enjoy 15% off for the rest of April when you use coupon code POLLEN! (offer no longer valid)

For continued relief at home, our Sinus Inhalation beads and Shower Mist Sprays are 10% off this month as well! Who knew a trip to the spa could do so much more than just help you relax?!