6 Healthy Hair Habits

We all know at least one, a friend, a relative, a co-worker, who somehow manages to never have a bad hair day! Her hair is long, it's shiny, it's bouncy, frizz free, her color always looks fresh like she just stepped out of the salon, and frankly, we're jealous! So what's her secret?! Does her stylist live with her,  or was she just blessed by the hair fairy? Here are a few simple habits our stylists recommend to keep your hair looking it's healthy best. Don't think it's possible? Give it a try, then snap a hair selfie and share it with us online using #cld9spa!

1. Try sleeping on a satin pillow case. Cotton pillow cases can rob your hair (and skin for that matter) of essential moisture, leaving it frizzy and unmanageable. Plus, satin fabrics stay cooler causing you to sweat less during sleep resulting in fewer tangles to deal with in the morning, and less tangles mean less breakage! You will be amazed at how much longer your blowout will last simply by switching your pillow case!

2. Don't over cleanse! Shampooing daily fades your color more quickly and can strip your hair and scalp of natural oils. This can cause your scalp to produce even more oils leaving your hair feel greasy and flat and needing to be washed again, it's a vicious cycle! Shampooing every other (or even every 3rd) day is better for the overall health of your hair. Try using a dry shampoo like Pureology's Fresh Approach between washes. The light powdery mist will absorb any excess oils in your hair and give your style a fresh look, and it smells great, too!

3. Don't shy away from conditioner, especially in the winter! Conditioning products hydrate your hair follicles and keep hair from looking dull and brittle. If you're worried about your hair looking weighed down by over conditioning, be sure to focus applying the product from the mid shaft to the ends, avoiding the root area where hair holds the most oil. On a "no-shampoo" day, try using a co-wash like Pureology's cleansing conditioners. These products are fairly new to the industry and are meant to not only soften your hair but gently cleanse it as well, without over drying like shampoo.

4.Treat your hair weekly with natural oils to cut down on frizz. Weekly treatments with a product such as Pureology's Colour Fanatic Masque can make your hair look like you've had an expensive in-salon anti-frizz treatment. The natural coconut & olive oils hydrate to smooth down the hair follicle without weighing hair down. Coat your hair once a week and leave on for at least 15 mintues (or top knot it overnight!), then wash and condition as normal.

5. Brush your hair gently. No matter how much we try to avoid it, hair gets tangled, and brushing can cause hair to snap and break off adding to the frizz factor! Choose a brush with soft bristles that have a little "give", like The Wet Brush and remember to always start at the bottom and work your way up. Used on wet or dry hair, this brush glides gently through tangles without pulling or breaking.

6. Finally, keep regular appointments with your stylist! There is only so much we can do at home, but sooner or later we need a professional touch! Frequent hair cuts will help remove split ends and keep hair looking healthy from roots to ends!