What Your Nail Color Says About You

Some of us are nail polish addicts, always looking for our next color fix. We spend hours pinning amazing nail designs and details to our Pinterest boards, and we follow nail color blogs for hours hoping to catch a glimpse of the next hot color that will rock this year. Then there are nail polish lovers who love to get manicures and pedicures as a part of their regular grooming and lifestyle habits. Their beautiful digits are a symbol of their passions, giving the world a small glimpse into their personality and unique style.

When it comes to color, fashion, and the ways we choose to display our creativity and present ourselves to the world, there is no hiding your personality. Whether you’re an introvert with a need to add a pop of happy color to your surroundings, a bubbly extrovert who loves to be the center of attention, or a tortured artist with a penchant for the darker things in life, your nail color choices are a great way to demonstrate your character to anyone who sees you.

Generally developed early on in life, your taste for nail art may come from sparkly blues and pinks that mom, dad, sister, or best friend would adorn your toes and fingers with. Or, if you are anything like my messy and artistic self, the myriad of marker colors that you tried on each nail hoping to create your next masterpiece. No matter the inspiration for your next nail expression, you can probably identify a lot of your personal self in these color categories. Best of all, you can always slip into another persona with a quick swipe of color and see how you feel wearing another aspect of your personality, loud and proud for the world. At least until your next nail appointment!


Don’t knock a clear coat wearer for their lack of creativity. Clear polish signifies one who cares a great deal about their appearance, health, and presentation to the world – they just simply do not have the time to maintain a complex nail color at the moment. Clear coaters are busy little bees, always on the lookout for the next opportunity and ready to pounce when something wonderful reveals itself.


Black nail polish can quickly turn a modest mouse into a femme fatale, and those who rock black fingernails are often bursting with creativity and a fierce streak a mile long. Black is a powerful color, and it can be very empowering and intimidating. Serious, at least for the time being, the black nail polish enthusiast is always creating an air of mystery that they thrive on. Sia, Dewayne Wade, and Jared Leto all sport black nail polish with pride.

Neon, Yellows, and Oranges

Ever youthful and screaming for attention, neon colors are for the thrill-seekers among us who live for spontaneity. Nicki Minaj and Miley Cyrus are avid neon nail enthusiasts, and that says a lot for how amazing these colors make us feel. Though these color palettes can seem overwhelming in a stuffy office environment, they reinvigorate the wearer on weekends and vacation and remind them that the world is full of possibilities for those who are willing to explore.


No business professional would be caught dead without a glossy coat of a blushing pink or a proper peach on their agile fingers. Never one to be taken lightly, a peach and pink nail wearer is always on their business game, whether it’s their corporate 9 to 5 gig or running their couture cupcakery. They are frequently careful and calculating and are always in charge.


There’s no doubt about it – red nail polish wearers are classically-inspired by powerful women. Capturing the allure of Scarlett Johansson, Rihanna, and Gwen Stefani, red digits exclaim power, flirtation, and prowess in everything they do. Never underestimate someone in red nail polish – they know exactly what they want, and you can guarantee they’ll give it their all to get it.


While a white nail color may lead you to believe that the wearer is timid, don’t be fooled by the ruse. White nail polish is the telltale sign of someone who is undergoing or loves a change in their life. Ever the blank slate, white nail polish sends a signal to the world that you’re open for to new ideas and ready for a creative burst of energy. Celebs who frequently wear white nail polish include Rachel McAdams, Zoe Saldana, and Beyoncé, all of whom are known to dive into new challenges and give flawless, unforgettable performances each and every time.

Blues and Greens

Blue and green digits are the trademarks of the loyal and fun-loving person who values the simple things in life but isn’t content with sitting still. The colors of the earth itself, blue and green hues signal a love of travel, a welcoming personality, and a passion for keeping their nearest and dearest smiling. Kristen Stewart, Kylie Jenner, and Lady Gaga are all fans of the blues and greens, particularly the gemstone tones which add an extra level of sophistication to your digits.

Custom Design

If there is anything to be said by a person who is donning custom nail art with pride, it is that they are ready to take on the world, one nail at a time. Unable to be satisfied by a single color, custom nail polish lovers want the world on a plate, and they always know how to get it done. From diamonds to movie themes, mini chains both real and painted, and an endless list of ideas for future nail designs that speak to them at that moment, the custom nail art enthusiast will never settle for anything less than... everything!