Throw Your Own DIY Spa Party!

Wednesday, April 17, 2019 - 11:30

Want to treat your friends to an unforgettable DIY spa party? Cloud 9 is here to help! With our selection of skin-care products, high-end soaps, beauty items, and these easy DIY tips, you're sure to host an awesome staycation, perfect for you and your friends.

Not sure where to begin planning your DIY spa party? We’ve created this post to get you inspired for the perfect party for you and your friends.


Set the tone for your party from the very beginning with elegant invitations. Whether you choose to invite people in person, via a private Facebook event, or with snail mail invitations, your delivery will cue your guests into what’s in store. Choose a fancy invitation to declare a glamorous spa experience or just send a quick text invite to convey just how chill the spa day will be.

Questions to Ask Yourself

  • Who do I want to invite?
  • How many people should I invite?
  • Spur of the moment or plan ahead party?

What to Bring

Your friends may ask, “What can I bring?” Without proper instruction, your DIY spa-goers may show up with a collection of spa-related items. Therefore, you can plan ahead and ask each friend to bring something particular to the party. But of course, you can always fall back on the happy phrase, “Just bring yourself!”

Questions to Ask Yourself

  • Do I want to provide everything for the spa party?
  • Should I ask guests to participate by bringing something?
  • Do I have backup ingredients on hand if someone forgets something?

The Snack Menu

As you begin to prepare the snack menu for your DIY spa party, choose healthy snacks that will satisfy the munchies and be good for your body. Finger sandwiches are an easy option as well as hummus, carrots, and cucumber circles. Fresh fruits offer a pop of perfect sweetness while being skin-healthy too. Homemade popcorn can also be a great idea for snacking since it’s low in carbs and you control the fat content.

Questions to Ask Yourself


  • What food allergies or sensitivities are represented in my guest list?
  • What types of beverages do I want to provide? Cucumber or fruit-infused water? Tea? Smoothies? Cocktails?
  • How long will the DIY spa party last?

The Spa Menu

Full-service spas like Cloud 9 Spa offer everything from facials to pedicures, but for your home DIY spa party, you may want to limit the offerings. Perhaps you and your guests want to focus on hands and feet with a sugar scrub, deep exfoliation, shaping of nails, and fresh polish. Or you may want to prioritize face and neck with a cleansing and rejuvenating facial, along with exfoliation and a finishing hydrating lotion. Of course, you can do it all.

Questions to Ask Yourself


  • What products are needed for the spa?
  • Should guests bring their own polish or favorite spa supplies?
  • What little details will elevate the at-home spa experience?

Spa Appearance

Transform your home into a cozy spa with an assortment of candles and twinkle lights. Your arrangement of these details will set the mood: identical candles in a line project orderly comfort while mismatched candles flicker a homey welcome. Decorate as much as you please with themed tablecloths, matching plates and utensils, fresh flowers, and more. Meanwhile, tune the party to the right tone by either creating your own music playlist for your event or selecting a premade relaxation playlist from your favorite music provider.

Questions to Ask Yourself

  • What mood do I want to set with my decorations?
  • Do I already have decorations that I can repurpose?
  • What’s my budget for décor?

The beauty of an at-home DIY spa party is the chance to hand-create the entire experience. A few other ways to make your party extra special is to greet your guest at the front door with a beverage, whether a smoothie or a fruit cocktail, and then send them off with a cute little gift bag filled with a lip balm, candle and a bath bomb to remind them to take the time to care for themselves.

After throwing your at-home spa party, you may want to kick back and unwind from the stress of playing hostess. Make an appointment with Cloud 9 Spa and entrust your relaxation to our capable hands.