Should You Buy Your Hair Care in a Salon?

Wednesday, June 14, 2017 - 14:45

After a hair appointment at the salon, when your hair is looking its absolute best and feels fantastic too, your hair stylist will show you all of the products she used to make your hair so fabulous. The reason your stylist offers you these products is so that you can recreate your hairstyle and keep your hair as healthy as possible in between salon visits.

When it comes to choosing hair care products, some salon clients will opt to go the DIY hair care route instead, purchasing hair care products that are available in drugstores instead of selecting the recommended salon ones.

A 2015 survey by PopSugar found that 37 percent of women spend as much as $200 in hair care each year including shampoos, conditioners, masks and treatments, and hair styling products, but not salon visits. Whether that price point comes from store brands or salon brands, it is clear that it is important to women to keep their hair looking and feeling healthy and attractive.

When it comes to choosing between the salon recommended products and the generic store brands options, it may seem like they are both offering the same thing – quality ingredients that keep your hair nourished and clean.

In reality, there is a startling difference between the two kinds of products, and the difference can mean a whole lot to the discerning client who wants the healthiest hair they can have.

Store brand shampoos, conditioners and hair styling products are easy to find on drugstore shelves and at grocery stores, and what is most attractive about them is their price tag. Most store brand hair care costs less than $5 a bottle, some even selling for as little as 99¢. Their convenience and low prices are what make them so appealing to consumers, but it is that extraordinarily low cost also that makes them a pretty unhealthy choice for your tresses.

While drugstore hair care products, especially shampoos and conditioners, contain the same types of quality ingredients that the salon brand products have, they have them in much, much smaller quantities. Instead, what takes the place of the high-quality ingredients that comprise the products are chemicals and filler ingredients.

Because of the chemicals and fillers in these store brand shampoos and conditioners, they do not affect your hair in the same way that salon brand hair care does. Unfortunately, these chemicals are not keeping your hair healthy, but are instead stripping your locks of their natural and necessary oils. The reason that your hair feels soft after you shampoo and condition with a store brand product are because of the fillers, which do not penetrate your hair strands. Instead, these fillers attach to the surface of your hair strands, giving them a coating that makes them feel soft without actually providing the softening ingredients that salon brands do.

If you are wondering if those same salon brands that you see on grocery store shelves are the same product, rest assured, they are not. Investigations into this shady sales practice reveal that salon brands found anywhere other than salons are likely products that have been obtained in other ways and then resold to stores. These practices create and unhealthy situation for consumers who unknowingly purchase expired, damaged, or improperly stored products that can harm your hair.

Over time and with improper storage, hair products can break down and acidify, causing hair to tangle and break. The separation of the products’ components can also create residue that may act as an irritant to skin. Worse still, when tested by the manufacturer themselves, some of these store-bought salon brand products were found to contain bacteria that could lead to infections if used.

As for purchasing these products online through alternate vendors, researchers found that the hair care products were knock-off versions, leaving the customer to use a product that may or may not have been quality-controlled for their safety.

Because of the superior quality of salon hair care, manufacturers of these products ensure customer satisfaction and safety by selling directly to salons via a contract. By buying salon products directly from the salons themselves, customers can be 100% certain that they are getting safe, top-of-the-line products that are designed to deliver healthy ingredients that work to create gorgeous tresses from the inside out.

Purchasing these items at the grocery store or online may be slightly more convenient, but it is also a lot riskier. Protect your hair by investing in products that used and recommended by professional hair stylists who know first-hand what a difference quality hair care can make for your mane.