Reap the Benefits of a Couples Massage

Monday, July 17, 2017 - 12:15

There’s nothing more relaxing or satisfying than spending an hour or two rejuvenating your spirit and decompressing from life’s stresses with a professional massage. Massage therapy is a powerful tool that can help you re-center and find your inner calm while relaxing your muscles and relieving tension. 

Loaded with healthy body and mind benefits, massage therapy is a wonderful way to do something positive for yourself that can boost your mood, refresh your spirits, and relax you from head to toe. Does it get any better than that? 

Bringing your partner with you for a couples’ massage can deliver even more benefits than going it solo!

As the advantages of couples’ massage therapy become more widely known, spas all around the world like Cloud 9 Spa are offering couples’ packages designed to make massage therapy sessions the new go-to for the ultimate and unique couple experience. 

Let’s dig our fingers into why massage together makes it such a positive adventure for couples (and why you should make monthly couples’ massage a regular part of your relationship)!

Couples Who Massage Together… Feel More Connected to Each Other
It is incredibly hard to find time in our busy lives to get five minutes to ourselves to relax, let alone to carve out quality one-on-one time with your partner. While a couples’ massage session is a time when each partner will be focused on their comfort and mindfulness, both research and family therapists concur that joint massage can help couples reconnect with one another. 

Just as a solo session can help a person focus on the present and let go of the stresses and issues that weigh on them, couples who get massaged together report that their tensions between one another or stress from disagreements tend to melt away after a massage. 

Couples massage therapy allows both partners to focus on their present feelings of wellness and comfort rather than dwell on arguments that were stressing them out moments earlier. This allows equally-rejuvenated couples to leave a massage session to reconnect and enjoy their bliss together. 

Couples Who Massage Together… Increase Affection and Intimacy
As anyone who has had a professional massage can attest, after even as little as 15 minutes of massage therapy, your body and mind feel fantastic. That is because massage releases lots of feel-good hormones that make you happy all over. After experiencing a perfectly relaxing massage that has boosted their happiness levels significantly, couples report that post-massage affection and intimacy is increased. 

When you feel that great, you want to share those lifted spirits with the one you love, and knowing how good it feels to have healing hands treat one’s body makes couples excited to touch one another and share that good feeling. 

Couples Who Massage Together… Learn How to Massage Each Other
While therapeutic massage therapy for health and healing is best done by a trained massage expert in a proper spa facility, there is nothing more delightful than couples massaging one another at home. Once a couple realizes the positive impact that massage can have on their relationship, they are inclined to practice with one another in between regular couples massage appointments. 

The great news is that as your spa therapist massages, they show you through their actions how and where to use some basic massage techniques for at-home massage sessions. Better still, Cloud 9 Spa carries a variety of massage instruments that allow couples to treat each other with healing hands and massage techniques on their own. Items like aromatherapy massage oils,  lacrosse balls, foam rollers, and massage roller sticks make-at-home massage easy for couples to keep that bonded, happy post-couples’ massage feeling going all year long!