A Pro’s Guide to Spa Etiquette

Thursday, December 28, 2017 - 11:00

You booked a spa treatment – what an excellent way to treat yourself a few hours of absolute bliss and complete relaxation!

If you are not a regular and have not had the opportunity to enjoy a spa experience on the regular, you may have some questions about spa etiquette. Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Most first-time spa-goers could benefit from insight into what to expect from their spa experience, how to behave, and how to feel at ease so they can fully enjoy their spa experience.

From the best ways to keep a calming ambiance to the bare-it-all-or-not decision, Cloud 9 Spa has the answers you need to make your first (or fiftieth) spa experience an amazing one.

Arrive On Time (or a Bit Early)
We can’t think of anything more stressful than rushing to make your scheduled appointment time! While you do not have to arrive more than a few minutes early for your appointment, being late to a spa treatment can mean skipping parts of your treatment or missing an opportunity to get yourself in a calm and relaxing headspace before treatment begins.

Spa therapists keep a fully-packed treatment schedule each day, so there is often no wiggle-room when it comes to clients who run late for their appointments. Arriving on time is a win-win for you and for the facility, so be sure to keep ample space in your schedule to fully enjoy your spa experience.

Do You Dare to Bare?
Each individual has their own comfort level when it comes to stripping down before a spa treatment. While some are happy to take it all off and hop on the table for a treatment, others are only comfortable undressing partially.

Whatever your personal bare or not bare preference, your comfort is of primary importance. If that comfort means wearing undergarments, shorts, a bikini or going Commando, rest assured knowing you will always be carefully and modestly draped, with only the one area at time...the are being worked on... exposed.

Speak Your Piece
Not everyone has the same expectations and preferences, and your therapist is very open to having customers comment on their comfort throughout the treatment process. Whatever would make you more comfortable, whether adding a blanket during a massage treatment, requesting more or less pressure, asking for a fragrance-free session, or turning down the music to a quieter volume, we want you to always feel free to speak up and tell your treatment specialist about any discomfort.

A Little Conversation
One of the biggest questions that people have is about how much communication they should be making with their therapist or esthetician. Much like an appointment with a hair stylist, customers often feel unnecessary pressure to make conversation with treatment specialists.
A spa is a place where you should feel completely relaxed. If you would like to zone out and focus on the great physical sensations of a massage or keep your eyes closed while you’re getting a skin treatment, there is nothing wrong with relaying that information to your therapist up front by saying something like “I would like it to rest as much as possible during my treatment.” Your spa specialist has been trained to focus on the service at hand because they know that chatter can be counterproductive to deep relaxation. But if you wish to talk, go right ahead! 

To Shave or Not to Shave
Women already feel a tremendous amount of societal pressure to be hair-free year-round, but let’s be honest – it’s just not feasible to maintain smooth legs and underarms 24/7. No one, especially an esthetician or massage therapist, expects you to be cleanly shaven anywhere during your spa treatment.
However, for men who are getting a facial treatment and do not rock facial hair, it is advised that you shave within a few hours prior to your treatment.

Do I have to Shower?
Everyone appreciates working with someone who has clean skin. There is no need to scrub or cleanse yourself silly before an appointment, however. A simple rinse is sufficient to give a massage therapist or esthetician a clean surface to work with.

If you enjoyed your spa services (and how could you not?), it is customary to tip the person who treated you. If you had a massage followed by a skin treatment with different specialists, typically each would receive their own tip. Tipping at a spa is 100% up to the customer, but if you are happy with the services provided, a tip is always greatly appreciated.

A good rule of thumb for tipping is 15% - 20% depending upon your experience.
We hope that these tips help you enjoy your spa experience! Now it’s time to sit back, relax, and enjoy your spa treatment!