Planning a Spa Day with the Girls

Wednesday, July 31, 2019 - 13:00

While you may love relaxing at home with a DIY spa experience, nothing can replace planning a spa day with the girls. A spa day can be a full day of relaxation and self-care or a few precious hours carved out of your day for you and your besties. The key is creating a spa day that fits you and your friends.

When you’re preparing for your spa day, you need to determine how big your group is and if you want to keep the spa day local or not. A local spa day means no need to figure out lodging while an out-of-town spa is a special kind of retreat. But no matter what you choose, you’ll have the chance to unplug and relax. 

Plan Ahead

To have a rejuvenating spa day, you’ll want to plan ahead so that your day is truly refreshing and includes no surprise stressors. Therefore, chat with your girls to find out what types of treatments they want to do, whether it’s a massage or facial or everything in between. Once you have your plan of action, book your services ahead of time so that you’ll get the time slots that you want.

Think Food

Planning snacks ahead of time will help your day be smoother and even more restful. Choose foods that are hydrating, like fruit, and lean proteins to keep you sustained throughout the day. These foods will feel lighter in your stomach and keep you feeling fresh.

Consider the Order of Your Services

Depending on the treatments that you’ll be receiving, you may want to choose an order that makes the most sense. Typically, it’s smart to have the massage first, and then follow it with a facial and then mani or pedi finishes. This ensures that the benefits of your facial will not come off during the massage, and your fresh polish will stay nice as your spa day ends.

Arrive Early

On your spa day, be sure to arrive with time to spare. If you’re new to the spa that you’ll be visiting, you may need to fill out some paperwork or do a verbal intake with a specialist before starting any of your treatments. But, it can also be nice to settle into the pace of relaxation and decompress before your appointments begin.

Drink Water

After your massage and facial, be sure to drink plenty of water. Muscle work often releases toxins into your body, and water helps to flush those out. Water is the perfect way to continue the benefits of your spa day, even after it’s over.

Steer Clear of Alcohol and Cigarettes which are full of toxins. After all, a spa day is all about relaxing and detoxing.

While your ideal spa day may include a cocktail or an afternoon smoke, curb that desire. If you want to reap the full benefits of your spa treatments and toxin cleanse, you’ll want your body to stay hydrated to push the toxins fully out of your bloodstream. Usually, this takes about 24 hours, so plan a cocktail hour with your girlfriends for the next day to show off your pretty manicures.

Plan for More Rest

Rather than diving back into your busy schedule after your spa treatment, plan additional relaxing activities such as reading a book or listening to music. While you may want to do a workout or some other exciting activity, this could reverse some of the benefits. And no one wants that. So, after your spa treatment, plan for more rest and relaxation.

Don’t Shower Immediately

While you may not enjoy the slimy feel of the oils that were applied to your skin during the spa treatments, avoid showering immediately. These creams, lotions, and botanicals need time to fully sink into your skin so it can soak in all the great nutrients. You want to receive the maximum benefits from your spa treatments!

Cloud 9 Spa Treatments

Cloud 9 Spa features a full menu of services to relax, rejuvenate, and refresh. Choose one of our specific treatments or create your own a la carte spa experience for maximum refreshment. Cloud 9 Spa also offers the option of several shared service suites for two so you and your friend can be together while receiving your treatments.
When planning a spa day with the girls, the fun is in the details. Be sure to communicate with your friends to find out what makes a spa day perfect for them. And in the meantime, explore the spa treatments available at Cloud 9 Spa. Give us a call today to book your spa day!