Beating Winter Dry Skin

Wednesday, January 10, 2018 - 11:30

Cold weather means warm sweaters, hot chocolate, and nights spent snuggling with loved ones. Unfortunately, it also means the onset of dry skin, something that’s irritating to say the least. 

If you suffer from this issue, you may be grasping at straws as you try to find a perfect solution. After all, we still have several weeks of chilly weather remaining and dry, cracked skin is both painful and—in the worst cases—susceptible to infection. 

So what’s a person to do? Try the suggestions below to see what works for you. 

Go Oil-Based
We all know that finding a good moisturizer is an important part of a solid skincare routine. For this reason, you probably already use some sort of moisturizing product on your dry skin. That being said, not all moisturizers are made equal and what you’re using may not be the best option.

According to the Mayo Clinic, the best moisturizing product for those with typically dry skin is an oil-based lotion or cream. Therefore, if you’re currently using a water-based product, you may want to look into switching to something with mineral oil, coconut oil, or Argan oil listed as one of the first 3 ingredients.

Use Gloves
If your hands are perpetually dry and cracked during the wintertime, it's a pretty good sign they don’t love the winter weather. Why not protect them by wearing a pair of thin cotton gloves every time you go outside? This is one of the remedies recommended by the American Academy of Dermatology and it actually works quite well. 

Need to wear wool on a particularly extra-chilly day? Try wearing a cotton glove under the wool ones to protect your hands from the rough wool fabric. 

Invest in a Humidifier
For many, dry winter air isn’t only a problem when spending time outdoors, but also inside their homes. This is never a good thing because the dry air can cause additional issues such as nosebleeds and dry cough. 

If you feel the air in your home is especially dry, you may want to invest in a humidifier. These nifty tools keep the humidity in your home at just the right level to keep the whole family—and their skin—happy and healthy all winter long. 

Skip Long Soaks
On the coldest days, a hot bath may seem incredibly appealing. However, you may want to think twice before you slip into a tub of steaming water. This is because those relaxing baths could actually be the root cause of your dry skin. 

It seems that long, hot showers and baths actually burn the skin slightly while also stripping it of its natural oils. This, in turn, leads to dry and itchy skin. To avoid this problem, opt for shorter, less frequent baths and showers and turn the water temperature down a notch or two. 

Shield Yourself
When going for a jog on a cold winter day, sun protection might be the last thing on your mind. Nevertheless, the sun does shine in the winter, meaning sun protection should definitely be a priority even when it’s cold out. 

The sun can really do a number on your skin, leaving it burned, dry, and irritated. This can even be an issue on a cloudy day. Therefore, slapping on a bit of sunscreen before heading out could help your dry, cracked skin heal more quickly while also preventing further damage.

Following these simple steps should help you achieve soft skin despite the harsh winter weather. 

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