7 Ways to Combat Acne at Every Age

Tuesday, September 4, 2018 - 12:15

Many people consider acne a problem for teens alone. However, this assumption is actually pretty off-base. In fact, as many as 60 million Americans suffer from this condition and approximately 20% of those individuals are adults.

Acne can cause self-confidence issues, it can leave behind scars, and worst of all, it’s often painful. Therefore, it’s something that must be cared for. However, in many cases, this is easier said than done. You see, acne tends to be quite stubborn and fighting it off can take a lot of patience and work.

Luckily, there are things that can help tremendously and in some cases, even get rid of the problem entirely. If you’re suffering from acne, try these tips to combat the issue and get the clear skin you want.

#1. Use Non-comedogenic Products

Clogged pores can contribute to acne. For this reason, you will want to seek out products that help keep your pores clean and clear. Be sure that sunscreen, makeup, makeup remover, lotion, cream, and anything else you put on your face is marked as non-comedogenic (Meaning it will not clog pores.)

#2. Eat a Well-Balanced Diet

Diet has an enormous effect on skin health. Sugars, dairy, and carbs contribute to acne issues (as well as a number of other skin problems). Meanwhile, veggies, fish, and green tea can be extremely helpful when trying to clear up your skin and maintain a natural glow.

#3. Don’t Touch Your Face

One of the worst things you can do when suffering from acne is to touch your face. Unfortunately, this is also one of the most tempting things to do. After all, it’s hard not to give a pimple that’s about to pop a good squeeze; feeling to see if a bump is gone is a habit many people find themselves fighting.

In actuality, touching your face only adds to the clogged pore problem and popping pimples is a good way to create infection and scars. So, it’s important to avoid it.

#4. Improve Your Face Care Habits

Washing your face every morning and night is a must. This is true no matter what, but it’s especially true for those who tend to experience consistent acne breakouts.

Make sure you follow a gentle cleansing schedule with acne-fighting products to wash and with a lightweight non-comedogenic moisturizer and/or sunscreen. This is because acne-fighting products cause the skin to be more sensitive to the sun’s harsh rays.

#5. Add in Professional Care

Of course, you’ll also want to have a professional facial from time to time. Adding regular skin treatments and extractions to your routine will give your skin an occasional deep cleaning, getting rid of clogged pore issues and helping your body fight off existing pimples. It will also help balance the oils in your skin, ensuring your face isn’t too oily or too dry.

#6. Avoid Stress

Another acne-fighting tip that’s a bit more difficult to implement is avoiding stress as much as possible. Stress can cause hormone spikes and often leads to unhealthy eating habits, both of which can exacerbate breakouts. Therefore, it only makes sense to make a conscious effort to relax – something that, not surprisingly, most people find challenging.

#7. Ask a Doctor

Finally, if all else fails, you might want to see a doctor about persistent or painful acne. Healthcare providers will be able to help you find solutions that aren’t necessarily available over the counter, meaning even those with the most stubborn acne could see some results.

Clearing up acne is a slow process that requires patience and persistence. However, the end results are well worthwhile. Why not schedule a professional acne treatment today to start you off on the right foot? Cloud 9’s Blemish Blaster is a perfect choice!