The 7 Best Foods to Eat for Your Skin

Saturday, August 31, 2019 - 17:30

Protect and improve your largest organ with these 7 best foods to eat for your skin. While we know that diet influences our internal health, what we eat can influence the health and youthfulness of our skin as well. Healthy skin has a certain glow, softness, and plumpness. While our skin naturally changes as we age, our diet has a significant effect on how our skin looks. 

Be sure to keep your skin health in mind as you meal plan for the week or run out to the grocery store for a quick restock! 

1. Fatty Fish

While fat often gets a bad rap, it’s an important ingredient for healthy, hydrated, and glowing skin. Rich sources of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, salmon, herring, and mackerel help fight inflammation and hydrate the skin. The omega-3 fatty acids also help to maintain your skin’s thickness and suppleness. Some studies seem to report that fish oil supplements fight autoimmune conditions such as psoriasis or lupus.

Fish also offers a great source of vitamin E. This important antioxidant protects your skin from the damage of free radicals and inflammation. High in protein and zinc, fish also helps to maintain your skin’s strength, elasticity, and reduction of inflammation.

2. Walnuts

Loaded with omega-3 fatty acids and copper, walnuts improve skin elasticity and boosts collagen production. Walnuts also tend to improve your skin’s texture. A handful of walnuts can help your skin and body in big ways since the body is unable to make these essential fats on its own.

The omega-3 fatty acids of walnuts help to fight inflammation, and zinc in walnuts can also help with wound healing and combating bacteria. Walnuts also contain small amounts of vitamin E, vitamin C, and selenium as well as protein. All of these components make for happy skin!

3. Sunflower Seeds

With a high concentration of vitamin E, sunflower seeds are ideal for protecting the skin from the sun. Sunflower seed oil can also be a great treatment for cracked or dry skin. Filled with skin-boosting nutrients, sunflower seeds offer skin deep benefits.

Sunflower seeds are rich in vitamin E, selenium, zinc, and protein. These important components are so good for skin health.

4. Avocado

High in the healthiest of fats, avocados provide fats that are essential for skin flexibility and hydration. One study revealed that women who consumed healthy fats had supple and springy skin. Avocados also have been shown to components that help to protect your skin from UV damage and aging.

As a good source of vitamin E and vitamin C, avocado can help protect your skin from oxidative damage and to create collagen, which is a structural protein that enhances your skin’s health and strength.

5. Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potato offers up the special nutrient of beta-carotene that functions as provitamin A that can be converted into vitamin A in your body. In fact, one-half cup serving of sweet potato contains nearly four times what your body needs in a day of vitamin A.

Another stand-out nutrient found in sweet potato is carotenoids. Carotenoids acts as a natural sunblock and helps to prevent sunburn and dry skin. High amounts of beta-carotene and carotenoids can also cause your skin to turn a warm, orange color, which makes your skin seem healthier.

6. Bell Peppers

Filled with vitamin C and beta-carotene, bell peppers boost collagen in the skin, which helps it stay firm and strong. The beta-carotene converts into vitamin A. All of these nutrients are crucial for skin health.

Vitamin C is linked again and again to healthy skin with a reduced risk of wrinkles and dryness. And the extra kick of collagen enhances the structural protein that keeps your skin looking healthy and plump.

7. Dark Chocolate

Embedded with antioxidants and flavonols, cocoa powder has been shown to improve the thickness and hydration of the skin of study participants who consumed cocoa for 6-12 weeks. In this study, the participants also noticed that their skin was softer, had better blood flow, and was less sensitive to sunburn. Dark chocolate with at least 70% cocoa seems to offer the most benefits.

Chocolate has also been shown to help the skin withstand UV radiation, and it also helps the skin retain hydration which makes the skin both firmer and more supple. Topically applied, the caffeine in chocolate can reduce puffiness.

Healthy skin starts with your diet. If you’re looking to help your skin stay youthful and soft, these seven foods can make a difference for your skin health. While you’re updating your diet, take the time to also schedule an appointment at Cloud 9 Spa for a facial or a massage to continue your skincare.