6 Reasons Men Should Take a Day at the Spa

Wednesday, January 9, 2019 - 19:45

While spas are often seen as having a more feminine appeal, more and more men are finding good reasons to take a day at the spa. In fact, there are a lot of good reasons why a man might want to take advantage of the benefits that spas provide. At the heart of a spa visit is self-care, and creating space in your busy life to relax and spend some time on you.


Not only does the spa provide a place to relax, but every spa offers plenty of useful services such as massage, manicures and pedicures, facials, and hair removal. Men can choose to focus on whatever services cater to their needs or get the benefits of a more complete approach. Each service leads to a better-groomed, more professional look that is very beneficial for both work and play.


Here are just a few of the reasons a man should take a trip to the spa:


Hair Removal - Waxing

One reason men choose to visit a spa is to have unwanted hair removed from their chest or back. In some cases, a man might also want facial hair removed. The results from waxing last longer than shaving, which provides more time for other things in life. Waxing can also be very precise if a clean line is desired for facial hair.


Skin Care - Facials

Facials rejuvenate the skin and often help combat common concerns like dry skin, rosacea, inflammation, aging, and acne. Even for healthy skin, facials can be a great way to bring out impurities and lock in moisture to help keep your skin looking young.


Muscle Recovery - Massage

Many men have jobs that place some kind of strain on their bodies, whether that’s hard work from a construction site or stress from the office. Couple that with tough gym workouts and men have every reason to make a massage a regular part of their routine. Muscle stimulation is an amazing way to help recover from tough workouts and daily stressors. As an added benefit, studies show that regular massage can also help lower your blood pressure.


Professional Nail care - Manicure and Pedicure

Many spas also offer other grooming options like manicures and pedicures. Regular nail care protects your nails from chipping and breaking, while also giving your hands and feet a polished look. Nail care includes hydration for the cuticles, precise clipping, buffing, and smoothing rough edges which helps to protect fingernails from painful hangnails and dry skin. With regular care, men will leave the spa with fresh groomed, professional looking nails that will last.



In a world that’s constantly going, a few hours at the spa can act as a restful pause. Many see spas as a place to dedicate time away from devices to relax and just be. This space provides a unique opportunity to unwind and relax without worry.


Have questions? Your spa has answers.

Given the traditional focus of spas on services for women, it is common for men to have questions. Receptionists at your local spa can explain the services they provide and give you some idea of what to expect. Certain spas may also offer services, especially for men or special “men’s days” as part of their calendar of events. Call around to find out what your local spas offer.


We hope we’ve inspired you to schedule an appointment for yourself or the man in your life. Call Cloud 9 Spa today at 352-335-9920 to find out more.