11 Ways to Practice Self-Care

Thursday, November 1, 2018 - 12:00

Slowing down before the holiday crunch to practice self-care is a must. We need rest. When we take the time to care for ourselves, we recharge and are better equipped to care for others. If you find yourself running from one thing to the next, it might be time to slow down and indulge in some simple self-care practices.

1. Light a candle

Nothing changes the tone of a room quite like a candle. The glow coupled with a scent transforms your home into a getaway and escape. Allow the flickering candle to calm your breath and mind. Choose a candle based on scent or light a few different shaped ones around your space for extra comfort and care.

2. Sort your clothing

Organizing might not seem relaxing, but it can be marvelously freeing to get rid of clothing that you no longer wear. Prepping your wardrobe for the cooler months ahead can be so satisfying. Creating space and organization in your home will make you feel more relaxed.

3. Sip a latte or cup of tea

A warm drink in hand presses into the coziest parts of your heart. You can’t rush through drinking a hot drink unless you want to burn your tongue. A hot drink almost demands self-care and slowing down.

4. Run a bath

Whether you want a simple soak or a bubble bath, consider the scents involved. Essential oils can uplift your bath experience with scents that not only relax you but can ease muscle pain too. Pamper yourself with favorite music in the background, a glass of wine, and a good book or movie.

5. Curl up for a nap

Allow yourself the luxury of an afternoon nap. Grab your favorite blanket and pull it up under your chin. Drifting into a short or long nap can be the perfect self-care practice when you need an easy pick-me-up. Make like a cat and find a pool of sunlight for added warmth.

6. Write a Thank You List

Focusing on gratitude reorients your perspective on your life, job, family, friends, and circumstances. While you’re writing down what you’re thankful for, consider the traits about yourself that you value. Perhaps take your list one step further and take the time to thank the loved ones on your list for how they’ve positively impacted you.

7. Wear your fuzzy socks

Find the thickest, coziest socks and wear them. This is the time of year to kick back and pull on your favorite pair. Your favorite department stores will be stocked with ankle to knee-high length socks. Plain or designed, you can keep your toes snug.

8. Take time to foam roll

Foam rolling can be just the TLC that your body is craving. Whether your muscles are tight from hours at a desk or a particularly intense workout, a foam roller can help work through some of the knots in your muscles. Although not a replacement for a massage, it can be the perfect thing between your massage appointments.

9. Play with nail color

New seasons bring a new array of color options. Instead of staying with your standard colors, try a color that whispers autumn or holiday to you. Go a few shades deeper than you usually would. Sometimes a new nail color can freshen your perspective and feel like self-care.

10. Lose yourself into a story

Whether you prefer Netflix or a book, jump into a story and escape your own life for a few hours. Pile on the blankets, grab your favorite human beings or furry friends and pop some popcorn. Living alongside fictional characters for a few hours can be wonderfully refreshing.

11. Indulge your sweet tooth

Sometimes you need a sweet treat ( chocolate has a number of benefits.) Linger by your flickering candle and nibble on a bar of your favorite chocolate.

No need to complicate your self-care. It’s likely that you have most of the above options available to you. Schedule a few hours for yourself this week to practice fall self-care.