The Benefits of Aloe Vera

Friday, July 13, 2018 (All day)

We all know that aloe vera gel is great for soothing skin after too much sun exposure. In fact, this natural substance might just be the very best thing you can put on a nasty sunburn. After all, it’s healing and super accessible, making it an ideal solution.

What some people don't realize, however, is just how many other uses this amazing plant has. Here are a few examples.


Skin-Soothing Agent

Just as aloe vera gel is great at soothing sunburns, it's also fantastic at soothing dry, cracked skin and even itchy or burning rashes. It can be used on psoriasis, cold sores, herpes, frostbite, dermatitis, and a number of other skin ailments. Additionally, aloe gel is an effective home burn remedy, as well as a nice soothing ointment for surgical wounds.

All in all, this is one of the very best topical ointments out there.


Digestive Assistant

Aloe can also be used to aid digestion. When eaten, aloe latex works as a wonderfully effective natural laxative, meaning constipation can be nipped in the bud without medication. Meanwhile, aloe juice is great for regulating digestion, balancing PH, fighting off yeast, and helping out those super important digestive bacteria.


Diabetes Remedy

It might seem crazy, but evidence suggests that aloe vera even has the ability to treat diabetes. Two clinical trials demonstrated that a tablespoon of aloe vera gel each day helped lower blood glucose and reduce triglyceride levels by quite a lot. This is fantastic because it gives diabetes patients another option for treatment.


Hair Moisturizer

If you have issues with dry hair or scalp, you might want to turn to aloe gel. Because this natural product contains a collection of vitamins and minerals, it helps keep your hair strong, healthy, and shiny. On top of that, the antibacterial and antifungal properties in the gel can help prevent dandruff and the itching that comes with it.


Immune System Support

Aloe vera is often taken by those with compromised immune systems to help boost their immunity and fight off disease. Many studies have proven that aloe is productive in supporting the immune system, including this one from 2011.

Some of the enzymes present in the plant create amino acids and help feed every cell in our bodies, giving our cells the energy to function properly and fight intruders. Another enzyme, bradykinase, stimulates the immune system, ensuring that it’s doing its job properly.

Finally, we should mention the zinc found in the aloe plant. Zinc is essential for the immune system to work properly, so those with zinc deficiency can benefit from aloe.  


These are just a few of the many amazing things aloe vera can do for our bodies. With so many incredible uses and the benefits we can absorb from using aloe, it makes sense to keep some on hand year-round! In fact, we proudly stock Badger body products, including their 96% certified organic and fair trade Aloe Vera Gel. Stop by to pick some up and do your body good!